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Vancouver Floor Plans
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*Licensing & Marketing Usage


By purchasing Photo & Video services with Lasko Visuals you agree to the terms that the marketing material ( photos & video media ) are to be solely used by the purchaser to market the sale of the home photographed/filmed. This includes Website, MLS, Social Media, and Print Marketing. The Purchaser can not transfer the images to other entities without contract and licensing through Lasko Visuals. Additional Marketing/Licensing usage may be purchased at an additional cost.


*Reshoot/Revisitation Fee


The space being photographed/filmed should be photoshoot ready upon arrival of the photographer at the time of the scheduled appointment. The photographer reserves the right to charge additional fees if the home is not ready or if they need to reschedule a time to come back to reshoot any given area of a home. The photographer will use their judgement and may move staging/furniture items around, however we do not provide any cleaning/staging/organizing services. The expectation is that space is ready to shoot upon our arrival. The photographer will also use his judgement to photograph the home in how they feel shows the home in the best way. If there are any requests for specific angles or shots they must be made prior to or during the shoot. Requests made after the shoot has been completed that result in a revisitation will be charged accordingly. Minimum charge for a revisitation reshoot is $75.


*Travel Fees & Minimum Service Charge

Chilliwack & Squamish: Minimum Service charge: $600. Travel Fee: $80

Whistler: Minimum Service charge: $1000. Travel Fee: $150

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